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Sustainability governance
Moody's Board of Directors

Responsible for oversight of the Company’s effective management and strategy for ESG-related risks and opportunities.

Audit Committee

Oversees financial, risk, accounting and other disclosures made in Moody's annual and quarterly reports related to sustainability and supports the Board in its duties relating to oversight of the Company’s risk assessment and risk management processes.

Governance & Nominating Committee

Oversees sustainability matters, including significant issues of corporate social and environmental responsibility, as they pertain to the Company’s business and to long-term value creation for the Company and its stockholders, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding these issues.

The Board receives regular presentations from management on Moody’s sustainability strategy and performance and has received education regarding Board oversight of ESG and sustainability. In March 2021, the Chairman of the Audit Committee obtained a certificate in ESG oversight (Global ESG Competent Boards Designation, 2021).
President & CEO

Serves on the Board and is responsible for ensuring that material risks and opportunities are appropriately assessed, mitigated and capitalized.

Executive Leadership Team

Decision-making body for key strategic sustainability items.

EVP & Financial Officer (CFO)

Oversees the Finance organization and provides leadership in innovation, implementation and influence to facilitate long-term sustainable growth. The CFO embeds sustainability and ESG into business-as-usual financial processes and company-wide operations, products and services.

Head of Moody’s Stakeholder Sustainability Group, with managerial oversight for Moody’s Stakeholder Sustainability activities and Moody’s ESG Solutions.

Head of Stakeholder Sustainability

Oversees the design and implementation of Moody’s corporate sustainability strategy.

Head of Moody’s ESG Solutions

Oversees the ESG- and climate-related strategic opportunities in Moody’s products and solutions.

Chief Diversity Officer

Oversees Moody’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy.

Tiered monetary incentives for performance on sustainability topics link the accountability of Moody’s strategic pillars to our top executives (including the CFO).