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Responsible sourcing

We are working to build a sustainable supply chain – one that reflects our corporate values and champions human rights, diversity and the environment.

Climate action
In 2020, we hosted webinars and engaged nearly 300 of our top suppliers, requesting that they participate in the annual CDP Climate Change disclosure. In 2021, we increased our outreach to 500 suppliers. We are implementing targeted outreach for our diverse and critical suppliers, and plan to carry out executive outreach in certain cases.
Our target
60% of Moody’s suppliers by spend covering purchased goods and services and capital goods to have science-based targets by 2025
Supplier diversity
We are committed to providing equal access to business opportunities with Moody’s. We are working to encourage diverse supplier spend through our Supplier Diversity Program. This includes working with our suppliers to encourage diverse spend within their own supply chains, helping us track how they utilize diverse suppliers on our behalf.
Addressable spend with diverse suppliers that we do business with directly
Note: Percent of diverse supplier spend decreased in 2020 in part due to a significant increase in software and hardware spend with larger suppliers to pivot to remote working, as well as one of our large suppliers losing its diversity status.
We are furthering our supplier diversity by pledging 5% of our 2021 addressable spend toward integrating more women-owned businesses into our supply chain.
Due diligence
Our suppliers are held to standards sets forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct and Human Rights Statement; we also are starting to monitor sustainability risks in our key suppliers with Orbis, a Moody's Analytics database on private companies. We expect to use Orbis to monitor sustainability risks in 100% of our key suppliers by the end of 2021.
Our Human Rights Statement and Modern Slavery Act Statement describe our efforts to help respect and protect human rights across our value chain.