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Our COVID-19 response

An unprecedented disruption

At a time of unprecedented disruption to health and economic security, we protected our workforce, supported organizations carrying out vital relief work and helped market participants and policymakers understand the financial implications of the crisis.
Our employees
Our technology infrastructure enabled our global workforce to work remotely for as long as required. To protect our teams, we addressed employee health and well-being through mindfulness sessions, stipends for comfortable remote work and fostering employee development through virtual learning.
Pro bono access to Moody’s services
We helped businesses, nonprofits and policymakers assess the risks and financial implications of COVID-19 by developing new solutions and adapting our commercial products. In 2020, we provided $21 million in complimentary access to these products and services including:
  • Coronavirus Microsite: A website dedicated to research and views on the credit/economic impact of COVID-19;
  • Government Assistance: Moody’s Analytics enhanced its credit decision-enabling solutions to help streamline borrowing by U.S. small businesses under the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program; these relief loans were intended to enable small businesses to keep employees on payroll during the pandemic; and
  • Know Your Supplier: A portal that leveraged our data sets to assist the healthcare sector in purchasing reliable personal protective equipment
Funding for COVID-19 relief
Moody’s funded a $1 million program of charitable donations to help address the immediate and long-term impact of COVID-19, including:
  • $550,000 for humanitarian aid to support global efforts to alleviate food insecurity, bolster healthcare systems, purchase medical supplies and support research focused on containment and treatment; and
  • $450,000 to address the impact of COVID-19 on our existing nonprofit partners, particularly those supporting small businesses and education systems