June 3, 2020

Moody’s Analytics launches Coronavirus Pulse for COVID-19 news sentiment analysis

Coronavirus Pulse, newly launched by Moody’s Analytics, allows market participants to search for real-time news coverage; see COVID-19-related news stories about a chosen financial institution, company or sector; and view whether each story has adverse, neutral or positive sentiment.

It uses machine learning and natural language processing to find English-language news articles related to COVID-19 and identify companies, sector-specific themes, and events mentioned in each article. It then assigns “article” and “credit” sentiment to each news item by evaluating the overall context of the story.

“As the coronavirus crisis evolves, we recognize that comprehensive and timely information is imperative to decision makers. Coronavirus Pulse complements quantitative analysis by helping market participants identify emerging risk themes for the sectors they monitor.”
Keith Berry, Executive Director of Moody’s Analytics Accelerator

Coronavirus Pulse can be accessed free of charge. It is one of a number of Moody’s Analytics solutions helping leaders across industries make better decisions in the COVID-19 environment.

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